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  • ISBN 13: 9781602863064
  • ISBN 10: 1602863067
  • Price: $26.00 / $34.00 CAN
  • Status: Active

Lessons from the Prairie

The Surprising Secrets to Happiness, Success, and (Sometimes Just) Survival I Learned on America's Favorite Show

By (author) Melissa Francis

Melissa Francis was only eight years old when she won the role of a lifetime: playing Cassandra Cooper Ingalls on the world's most famous prime-time soap opera, Little House on the Prairie.

Now in Lessons from the Prairie, she shares behind-the-scenes stories from the set, and lessons learned from the show's dynamic creator, Michael Landon, that have echoed throughout Melissa's adult life. With novel insights on hard work, making mistakes, and even spirituality, Francis shares inspirational and practical life lessons that will appeal both to her current TV fans, and fans of one of the most adored TV shows of all time.

"Francis' narrative grabs readers immediately . . . One of those intimate, heartbreaking, double-edged stories that is hard to read, impossible to put down."—Kirkus Reviews

"I am always in search of the book I can't put down. Well, thanks to Melissa Francis, I found it. I may have missed a few nights sleep, but I am so much better for it. Her book is captivating, revealing and ultimately healing. Who knew the kid from Little House on the Prairie had such a fascinating real-life story? I am in awe."—Hoda Kotb

"Melissa Francis' story is riveting. The book is the perfect antidote for the 'Tiger Mom' syndrome that seems to be gaining traction in today's society . . . If you want to be inspired to reach beyond what you were taught as a child, get this book now."—Melissa Gilbert, author of the bestselling "Prairie Tale: A Memoir"

"What makes Diary of a Stage Mother's Daughter so compelling aren't just the behind-the-scenes details but the spirited conclusion."—Entertainment Weekly

"[A] memoir...that you will never forget. It is captivating, revealing, and had me glued to the pages."—BlogCritics.org

"[A] superb family memoir."—The Washington Post

"The against-all-odds story...is, by turns, harrowing, shocking, and inspiring. Ultimately, it is a celebration of Francis' greatest role: survivor."—Elle.com Reader's Choice blog

"Melissa Francis' Lessons from the Prairie is a busy mom's manifesto--candid and commonsense, insightful, laugh-out-loud funny. A refreshing reality check for working moms who love their jobs as well as their families, and won't compromise their happiness."
—Mika Brzezinski, bestselling author of "Knowing Your Value" and cohost of "Morning Joe"

"Diary of a Stage Mother's Daughter is touching and brave, heartbreaking and
inspirational... I simply loved it."—Jeannette Walls, author of The Glass Castle,

Melissa Francis grew up as a child star on Little House on the Prairie. Since then, she has gone on to author the bestselling memoir Diary of a Stage Mother's Daughter and has anchored CNBC's Power Lunch, The Call, and On The Money. She currently hosts two daily business shows on the Fox Business Network. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and their three children.


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